The 2015 Great Gatsby Gala Was A Great Success! 

Dear Supporters,


On behalf of Smile Moore, we would like to thank you for your generous support! By giving to Smile Moore, you are enhancing the lives of many children and their family's right here in our community!


With the enormous generosity from many individuals and local businesses, we are proud to say that our first fundraiser was a complete success! Through sponsorships and ticket sales we raised $54,580 .00. Our silent auction items raised $11,130.00. When combined that is an astounding total of $65,710.00 raised in our very first fundraiser! After all expenses are paid, the total funds remaining to begin our mission is $28,552.94. We are so honored to be a part of such an amazing community!


Please visit our website to stay updated on the smiles your gift is giving at We will begin accepting request for assistance in January of 2016 . We will continue to enhance and update our website with current information.


Thank you again for your support and we hope to see you next year! Remember, our mission is not only to help families "survive" but to "thrive" in their new life and Smile Moore!



Christy Moore Clark & Jim Giffin 

Cheers to all our wonderful supporters!

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