The Story of Smile Moore

Christy and Jim began working together at Southwest Louisiana Credit Union in November of 2008 when Jim assumed the role of CEO. Christy was soon promoted to the newly created position, Director of Marketing and Business Development.  Over the course of their first two years, together they spent countless hours discussing business strategies and executions.  But in 2010, those work conversations took a much more personal turn when Christy’s world would change forever!  


After 10 ½ years of marriage on December 4th, 2010, Christy’s would lose her husband in a tragic hunting accident.  He was just 41 years old.  Suddenly at the age of 36, Christy was faced with raising their seven year old son Cane as a single parent!



Christy struggled to make sense of her new reality.  She searched for people who had faced similar circumstances in their life.  People who could help her and Cane get through the mourning process, because they had once walked in her shoes. One of those people happened to be her coworker who was 20 feet away in an adjacent office. 

When Jim was just eight years old his father died of a massive heart attack. His father was only 38 with no apparent health issues. In a split second, Jim and his two younger siblings aged four and two, lives were also changed forever!  He not only experienced what Cane was now experiencing, but watched his mother experience the same challenges Christy now faced, 37 years later.


As Christy slowly put her life back to normal she felt a calling to do something to help local families who had suffered similar losses. After countless discussions with Jim, they decided to create a nonprofit with the mission of adding a little sunshine to those who have suffered the loss of a spouse or parent. That was the birth of Smile Moore.


Smile Moore is an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that award grants to the children of widows and widowers, under 18, for extracurricular activities, summer camps, birthday parties and much more!  The organization is a center of resources for both adults and children to find out all the programs and services our community offers such as counseling, grief support groups etc. 



The ultimate goal of Smile Moore is to add a little hope to local families who have suffered a loss and make a difference one SMILE at a time!