Request For Assistance

Qualifications for Assistance


Smile Moore is an approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that award grants to the children of widows and widowers, under 18, for extracurricular activities such as summer camps, birthday parties, sports, music, arts and much more. Applications for any other purposes will be discarded.


  • Applications must be submitted 60 prior to the date the funds are needed.  Each application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors to ensure that the application is complete and valid.  Incomplete or invalid applications will be discarded. 
  • One application for financial assistance request per applicant, per calendar year.  The maximum amount of an individual grant application is $250.00.  The maximum amount for a family grant application is $500.00.  Smile Moore reserves the right to set the amount of monies awarded.  
  • Your application must include the following to verify the applicant is eligible under Smile Moore’s requirements: 
    • A copy of the deceased parent’s death certificate
    • A copy of the dependents birth certificate
    • A copy of the most recent IRS Form 1040/1040EX 

      This must show the legal dependent status of the applicant. Failure to provide these documents will be grounds for denying this grant request.
  • If funds are not used as intended, Smile Moore reserves the right to demand repayment at anytime. 

  • No phone calls!  Please email any questions you may have to   
  • Mail all required information to Smile Moore, P.O.Box 12088, Lake Charles, LA  70612.

  • All applications will be considered, but due to the limited financial resources applications cannot be guaranteed. 

If you are unable to view the Smile Moore Assistance Request Form pdf in your browser, you can download it here »